Courtesy of David Imhoff:

I already soldered on some wires and a simple antenna wire, and tested
it with a Raspberry PI and FTDI. The wire antenna isn't great but
should give you atleast 50M range if the receiver is in clear view.

The connections are as follows:

| Wire   | Ser4010 function | Rasperry PI connection |
| Red    | Vcc              | Pin 01, 3.3v           |
| Black  | Ground           | Pin 06, Ground         |
| Blue   | RX(/GPIO6)       | Pin 08, GPIO14/TXD0    |
| Yellow | TX(/GPIO7        | Pin 10, GPIO15/RXD0    |

No hot-plugging, and beware of the 5V pins next to the ground, I already
bricked a module once by accidentally connecting to it;)

Since the firmware is already loaded you won't need si4010prog anymore.
The ser4010 firmware programmed does needs the latest ser4010 tools GIT
master to work.

When using the Raspberry PIs onboard serial port you should:
- Disable the serial console: This can be done in raspi-config, under
  advanced(8)->serial(A7). Also verify that the serial port isn't used
  for kernel messages by checking '/boot/cmdline.txt'.
- Configure the ser4010 tools with /dev/ttyAMA0 as default serial port.
  This can be done with: 'cmake -DDEFAULT_SERIAL_DEV=/dev/ttyAMA0 ../'
- Even after disabling all serial port comm's the raspberry pi
  boot loader still prints a string. This will cause the first command
  to the ser4010 after boot to fail. Just try again.

After connecting the unit, the best is to first run 'test_comm' to see
if the connection works. If it works nothing is printed, and test_comm
exits with a successful exit code.

 11 > Iemand wees me er wel op dat op de RPI 3 de seriele poort een beetje
 12 > broken is. De seriele poort die standaard op de pin header zit draait
 13 > vanaf een klok die wordt gescaled. Wat een variable bit rate op
 14 > levert :(.
-- KoenMartens - 15 May 2016
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